panoramic view of a empty bar with features as red chairs and a circle tables


 view of cowboy collection on display and a circle style tables in front of it
Young lady laughing while she is holding a margarita

Downtown Nashville RestaurantsCuisine Crafted
From The Soul

Emerging onto the culinary scene with its signature hot chicken, biscuits and gravy, and potent whiskey creations, downtown Nashville restaurants are known for imagining classics that carry an abundance of soul. But beyond its quintessential eats, a new wave of modern cuisine is reinventing time-tested recipes—starting on our ground floor.

hands of a musician playing a guitar in a blue shadow
Close up view of a bottle filling a glass of a drink on the rocks
Nashville three snacks served in the table
closeup view of hattie hot chicken dish
provocative double patty burger with bacon, double cheese, lettuce and tomato
cambrianashville dining dish served in the table
Provocative chicken wings with a yellow sauce on the side
Street market with some eggplants, tomato and cucumber at daytime
Closeup view of a lady and a guy making a toast with a cocktail
Three plates with different dishes served in the table
View of a big restaurant and a costumers in the tables
Angle from above of a fresh and healthy salad
Tasty ham, tomato and lettuce sandwich
View from above of a table with food to share served and two glasses of red wine